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Ever since the completion of Topanga’s Only Playground, the Community Club has received numerous requests to reserve picnic table space under the oak tree for birthday parties and friend and family gatherings. The joy in this sort of outdoor arrangement comes from the close access to the playground for young children and the availability of the ballfield for games for all ages, much like many of our County’s public parks.

The difference is that we are a private club that survives through memberships and depends on grants and donations to improve our facilities. In this case, we would like to improve the picnic area by providing more tables and amenities.

Some things to consider:

  1. Small event rentals are for 40 people and under only–if your event is for more people please contact the rental agent directly to arrange.
  2. Only members can use the self-serve small event rental service
  3. Small event rentals are limited to 4 hours or less–if more time is needed please contact the rental agent directly.
  4. Equipment such as bouncy houses requiring setup and electricity automatically incur a $25 electrical fee. Such equipment is only allowed on the non-grassy areas of the ballfield.
  5. Your small event rental gives you access to the picnic tables and adjoining areas; the ballfield and playground remain open to the public.
  6. Please don’t use food trucks, catering or barbecues for this area and materials that litter such as water balloons, hay, etc. are forbidden. In addition, please do not bring in dogs, glassware, hay, paint guns, ground stakes or water slides.

If you are a member of the Topanga Community Club, please fill out the form below to provide information on your desired event. If you are not yet a member, please go to our Membership page first. (If you are uncertain of your membership standing, do not hesitate to send an inquiry to

After you fill out our form you will be directed to a “Donations” page where you can make a donation of your choice, any amount $50 and above. We will contact you once we have verified your membership and the availability of your chosen date.

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