Zero Waste Topanga

zero-waste-logo-150The Topanga Community Club is a Pilot Project of Zero Waste Topanga. The aim is to examine all practices, purchases and disposal activities with the goal of diverting 90% of our waste stream from landfill.

We are proud to present ourselves as a new Zero Waste facility offering Zero Waste infrastructure to our renters. Have a Zero Waste wedding with our help! Teach your children about Zero Waste by attending one of our educational events.


While we are the basecamp for several festivals each year, including our own sponsored Topanga Days and Reggae Festival, there is a lot to consider beyond finding quality talent, workshop instructors and a community of fans to come together for social change. One of the biggest struggles is to find a socially responsible way to help eliminate excessive waste and the overall impact of our events. One of our primary missions at TCC is to not only help cut back our high-impact waste but also to find a way to make the process as streamlined and efficient as possible, all the while giving back to our local community.

We are actively seeking local gardens for delivering our festival compost so it can be worked back into the earth for the growth of future gardens. We will be providing recycling and composting hubs throughout the festival grounds. Please make an effort to learn what should be placed in each bin, to help make this process as smooth as possible.

We will be choosing locally based vendors as much as possible, with an emphasis on vendors who source their products locally. It is our aim to help not only help foster community growth, but also contribute to the vibrant and creative community that is Topanga.

We will be selecting as many organic vendors as possible each year in an effort to encourage positive growing standards in Topanga and beyond.

We can only be as green as our participants and we invite you to take the green challenge and incorporate as many re-used, up-cycled and locally sourced items for your visits with us as well.

While it is still necessary to incorporate printed materials in our promotional efforts, we strive to use 100% post-consumer recycled paper and soy-based inks for all our printed materials. We are active users of social media for all of our events and are always looking for creative ways to get the word out, without the need of printed materials.


We invite you to take this journey with us by bringing re-usable water bottles, re-usable dishes/silverware and to use the composting area whenever possible. If we all join together with the same mission and intention in mind, we can make a difference.


Help us be stewards of this beautiful land and pack out as much of your own waste as possible. While we will have ample trash and recycling bins on site, please don’t leave behind belongings or other waste. If you smoke cigarettes, bring an empty film or aspirin bottle for your butts. Please do not throw your butts on the ground!

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