The Topanga Community Club, which owns the Community House, is a non-profit organization that works with the community to provide a meeting place for many organizations and functions for Topanga. Since 1951 the House and grounds have continued to be a place for people to celebrate special events in their lives and the life of the community.

Scheduling and rentals must be arranged and confirmed through the Rental Coordinator who can be reached by email at

We are accustomed to hosting private parties, weddings, seminars and film shoots. If your event is a bit different or requires some unusual activity or equipment or involves a large  number of people, it may be necessary to attend a Board of Directors meeting to present your event for approval.

Renting always involves communicating with the Rental Coordinator and getting approval, usually via a signed contract. If your event is approved then the signed contract and a 50% deposit will confirm your date. If you wish to visit the Community House, please contact the Rental Coordinator to schedule an appointment. Please do not visit without an appointment as the premises may be in use.

How to Schedule an Event:

  • Check out the TCC Calendar to verify if your desired date and time is available.
  • Email the TCC Rental Coordinator for pricing guidelines and event details.
  • For events hosting over 500 people, please attend the next General or Board meeting (2nd and 4th Thursdays of every month, respectively, at 7pm) to discuss your event specifics. Email the Rental Agent so we can put you on the meeting agenda.

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Requirements for Rentals

All rentals require a security deposit. Dates can only be reserved upon receipt of such deposit. 50% of the deposit will be forfeited if the event is canceled less than 4 weeks before the event date. The rental fee must be paid in full two weeks prior to the event.

Potential Renters MUST become a Member of TCC in order to rent the facilities. See our Membership Page for fees and directions.

All rate quotes are given by TCC’s Rental Coordinator after the Rental Application has been completed and received by TCC; it is also possible to fill out the Rental Application over the phone with the Rental Agent.

Refund of the Security Deposit occurs when the facilities are found to be in pre-event condition after the Owner has conducted an inspection of the grounds following the event. If Tenant claims damage pre-existed the event, Tenant must have brought such damage to the attention of the caretaker prior to the event.


Smoking is prohibited inside the Community House and is restricted to an area on the East Side of the building near the chimney. It is the Tenant’s responsibility to clean up all cigarette butts.

Portable Toilets

While there are two Porta Potties for outdoor events it is the responsibility of Tenant to provide extra toilet facilities when occupancy dictates.


The gated playground below the parking lot is designed for preschool age children of TCC members only. Adult supervision is required while children are using the playground.


Request may be made to have the Ballfield closed to the community during a rental event. The TCC Caretaker will place a sign at the entrance to the property if tenant desires. Please note that the Ballfield is rented separately from the Community House through TCC’s Rental Coordinator.


The Community Club is able to park up to 150 cars. Any event involving over 30 cars requires the help of our trained TCC staff for valet parking at very reasonable rates.

There is no parking on the ballfield. A fire lane surrounds the Community House and may not be used for parking. When parking on the side of the road leading up to the Community House, enough room must be left so that a full size fire truck could approach and circle the building easily.


The Topanga Community Club prohibits the sale of alcohol without express written permission. If approved, Tenant must obtain liability insurance that names TCC as an additionally insured party; a copy of the policy must be provided to the Rental Coordinator. Only beer and wine may be served.


All fliers, signs, and newspaper articles or promotional material of any kind must be submitted for approval prior to being disseminated and at least 4 weeks prior to the event. All posted materials must be removed within 24 hours after the event. Note: Cal Trans will remove posters for which no permit has been obtained.


The Community House now offers Wireless Internet DSL Service for meetings and conferences for our clients’ convenience! Chairs and rectangular tables are available for use. There are approximately 200 chairs and 20 tables. Any rented equipment must be removed or put away by the end of the rental period.


Prior arrangements must be made to use the stove, the refrigerator or freezer. No cooking or serving utensils are available. Use of the kitchen generally entails additional fees due to our costs in maintaining it.


When catering is part of the event, the name and phone number of the caterer are to be provided to the Rental Coordinator. Deliveries of food or equipment must be scheduled with the Rental Coordinator. It is the responsibility of Tenant to comply with all applicable laws and local ordinances. Our Rental Coordinator is familiar with local caterers and other vendors and can provide you information whenever requested.

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