Topanga Youth Services

Serving Kids from 10 to 17 years old

Topanga Youth Services is a program of the Topanga Community Club and provides creative enrichment and community service for youths from sixth grade through high-school for little or no charge. Participants can attend monthly events, community service outings, field trips or a more comprehensive series of activities. We aspire to instill teamwork, behavior skills, looking at things creatively, breaking inhibitions, confidence, enrichment of the surrounding community, equality, courage…in a safe and non-judgmental environment.

Every year Topanga Youth Services taps into the talent and energy of its Youth Members to produce an outstanding play for the community. This year TYS performed Grease the musical to overflow crowds and to much acclaim. Many other events such as this year’s Sock Hop and Talent Shows are open to young and old. A TYS sponsored fundraiser called “455 LIVE” involved four up and coming Topanga rock bands in an outdoor festival format; attendees set up blankets and chairs “picnic-style” and enjoyed hours of wonderful entertainment.

Visit the TYS website for more information or contact Karen Cooke at 

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