Earth Action Day

An interactive, hands-on, educational, family-focused Earth day experience. Join us for our first inaugural community celebration of the Planet at the Community Club and come dressed to play! (Things to bring: sturdy shoes, gloves, hat, water bottles and utensils or buy at the Zero Waste Booth.)

This event is meant to supplement all the other wonderful Earth Day events out there, including the 15th annual Topanga Earth Day Celebration.

The Topanga Community Club’s Earth Action Day takes place April 27, 10am to 3pm. Here are some of the Earth Action activities you can expect:

Zero Waste Topanga We are excited to announce the launch of Zero Waste Topanga. Your Topanga Community Club has chosen to be a pilot project participant to examine all of its purchases, practices and waste flows to move as closely as we can to a goal of 90% diversion from landfills. This is the theme of our Earth Action Day–together we will make this happen in Topanga. Bring your electronics waste (see below) your saved up corks, old books  for art upcycling and your used textiles. Visit the Zero Waste Booth and get all your gnarly questions about recycling answered!

Community Native Plant Gardening Dig it! Learn about plants while you help care for our beautiful garden. Ben Alanoff from the Topanga Creek Watershed Committee is inviting attendees to help care for the  Native Garden, spreading mulch, trimming deadwood, maintain the irrigation, and plant some oak seedlings.


Smart Gardening Workshop Beginning workshop provides hands-on instruction on composting, worm composting, grasscycling, and water-wise and fire-wise gardening. Make all those food scraps into the best soil ever even for the smallest garden. Residents can purchase a backyard or worm composting bin at a discount at the workshop.



E-Waste Drop Off Program by Isidore Electronics Recycling, a socially conscious recycler providing local jobs for former inmates. What do they accept? Pretty much anything with a CORD! Desktops, laptops, cell phones, printers, fax  machines, televisions, cameras, music players, power cords, ink toner cartridges, microwaves. Check out their website to be sure of what you can bring.

Water Conservation, Greywater & Natural Pools Come listen to talks by our Municipal WaterWorks, and local artist, environmental contractor and greywater expert Ronald Corona of Environmental Sculpturing.


BeeKeeping Are you worried about the decline of the honeybee populations? Then come and learn all you need to know to attract bees to your garden or to have a hive or two of your  own. In addition, come get involved in the fascinating Great Sunflower Project and be part of the effort to track bees across the country.


Raising Chickens Have you always wanted to raise your own chickens but just weren’t sure where to start? Come learn everything you need to have your own private egg producers and master fertilizer makers in your own backyard. We’ll have the chickens on hand as well as examples of coops and plenty of expertise on care.

Hands On Gardening Come get your hands in the dirt as Master Gardeners go to work and put in our very own “Kinder Garden” at the Community House. What is better than kids in a garden? Feeding them the greens that you grow.

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