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The general maintenance of the Topanga Community Club is the responsibility of any member, or rental party using the facility. The rule is to leave the area cleaner and in better condition than you found it.

New plans for House and Grounds improvements going forward are based on the reality that, as our membership has grown, so has the utilization by members. Our calendar of events is always filled and traffic in and out of the Club has increased, particularly to attend classes, sports and use the new Community Playground. We need to keep in mind, also, that the TCC is a LA COUNTY designated Fire / disaster safety area.

Any projects in the future will use commercial/industrial standards as a goal.

All materials employed will be non-combustible, such as concrete, metal, and steel. Further expansion of infrastructure, additional parking, pedestrian access, brush clearing, are all on the list to make the TCC a better, safer place to be for generations to come.

 Short Term Projects 
  •  Grind tree stumps—Two large tree stumps @ the ball field parking lot, need to be ground out so that cars can park there. The cuttings can go over the hillside as mulch. The holes can be filled with dirt from dirt pile in underground parking lot.
  • Remove bump in road—- A large bump in the driveway @ first access to upper parking lot needs to be dug up and repaired with bagged asphalt.
  • Flagpole purchased and installed @ house
  • Lay bagged asphalt in cracks and potholes in driveway
  • Mirror in Penny room mounted on wall
  • Historical photos framed and mounted in office and/or Penny room
  • Clean and organize office
  • Curtains for windows
  • Flooring in office
  • Move water fountain to playground
  • Steel covers for ABS pipes @ kitchen and electric box
 Mid-Term Projects  
  • Underground electrical conduits buried and installed: Driveway to trailer, Ball field parking to ball field gates, Gypsy road to lower stage
  • Run electric, set outlets to above areas
  • Complete 1.5” copper water line from ball field parking lot to meter on TCB, set hose bibs every 100’
  • Install fire hydrant, lay 4” line from tank to hydrant
  • Run ¾” pvc water line trailer to tank (for additional filling)
  • Front entrance gates posts extensions with pulley system to hang banners across drive
  • Clean and brush area around lower drain
  • Playground entrance (see plans)
  • Install heating/AC in TCC office Thank you Morrison Heating and AC!
  • Trash bin enclosure
  • Brush removal hill below ball field
 Long Term Projects 
  •  Upper parking lot expansion, garden wall, lighting, pavement
  • Plan and develop more parking: pioneer access from upper lot to underground lot and widen musician’s road as exit, pioneer parking/access from musicians lot to driveway, develop area to south of upper lot
  • Widen and pave driveway
  • Improve handicapped access to: playground, ball field, upper parking
  • Steps: upper parking, next to playground to bouncy area and to stage
  • Stack stone retaining walls: behind house, from upper lot to lot exit (along Gypsy road), along driveway to TCB
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