It’s an Election Year!

Yes, November we vote for a new President–but we also vote to install our next TCC Board of Directors!

How boring (you might say); however, according to our ByLaws there are some very specific rules laid out for member voting requirements! For your reading pleasure these requirements are listed at the bottom of this post.

At this time, a member has submitted an amendment to the ByLaws. This Amendment will be voted on during the next scheduled General Meeting, held at TCC on February 11, 2016 at 7pm. All members are invited to attend and vote on this proposed amendment.

Proposed Amendment
Members must be signed in prior to 7:15 and stay for duration of meeting in order to be counted for attendance in an election year.

Section 7. Eligibility to Vote.
A. A member must be in good standing for all qualifying events, meetings, and volunteer time with dues current in order to vote in the election at the general meeting.
B. A member must be present at the time of the election in order to cast their vote. Proxy or absentee voting is not allowed.
C. A member must have attended at least two full, official, publicly noticed business meetings of the TCC between January 1 of the year in which the election is held and the October general meeting. Attendance is determined by sign-in and verification of the Board of Directors, OR A member must have logged at least 5 active hours on the TCC grounds (not including Topanga Days) and attended a minimum of one full general meeting or one committee meeting (including Topanga
Days Committee or Standing Committees or Program Meetings) in order to qualify to vote in the TCC election. A member may arrange with the Committee Chair or Recording Secretary an early departure or late arrival ahead of time (prior to the
start time of the meeting in question) in writing or via email for their eligibility to count.

Please note dates and changes!

As a reminder, all General meetings are the 2nd Thursday of the month, all members and prospective members welcome. Meetings start promptly at 7pm.

Board meetings are the 4th Thursday of the month and start promptly at 7pm. Board meetings are closed after 8pm for board discussion and business.

The November 12 General Meeting: Our first half hour 7-7:30pm will be dedicated to financial and budget review.

Please note these changes due to overlap with upcoming holiday dates:
November Board Meeting moved to Thursday, November 19 due to Thanksgiving.

December Board Meeting moved to Thursday, December 17 due to Christmas Eve.

Our new Board Prez, Kelly Rockwell

I’m honored and humbled that my fellow Topanga Community Club Board members recently selected me to succeed Mark Nygard as TCC President. I am proud to be part of a long line of volunteers who have carried on the legacy that was created when the Community House was built and TCC established more than 60 years ago.

As President, I look forward to forging community partnerships and introducing new programs to better serve the membership. I hope to continue to initiate and oversee upgrades around the property, including the dedicated senior classroom and our new air conditioning campaign to cool the House. With the support of the membership and Board of Directors, I look forward to serving in my new capacity and helping to usher in a new era at the Club while maintaining its beloved traditions. All interested members of the community are welcome to join us at the TCC for open meetings the second Thursday of each month at 7pm.

Kelly Rockwell

Outgoing Board President Mark Nygard hands over the gavel to Kelly Rockwell

Sports Talk! Coach Pitch Baseball

We have a group of enterprising parents starting a winter/spring season of Coach Pitch Baseball. The first practice had a good crowd as shown in the photo. We have it on the Calendar on Thursday afternoons all the way to March 2015.

We’re looking to see what interest there might be in this. This will be presented to the Board soon and if the turnout continues to be good, there may be some support from TCC forthcoming. This is part of the proposal put forward.

Rules:  All kids will be required to have their own gloves, baseball pants, and cleats.  Batting helmets, balls and bats will be provided.  (We would like to get some $ from TCC for balls, proper bases and maybe a pitching machine.)
The practices will be run by Coach Pat Joyce and Assistant Coach Shirley Parker.  Anyone else who wants to step up and help is welcome.
For more information please contact Kelly Rockwell,

General Meeting Aug 14, 7pm: Agenda items include Tree of Heaven, Elections Committee

Have you been to a general meeting lately?  All members and potential members are welcome. We’ll be discussing some important business on August 14, including:

The TCC’s ongoing efforts to manage Tree of Heaven on the property: what, why, and how, and the pros and cons of herbicides vs, non-toxic methods. Bill Neill, the landscape contractor engaged by the TCC, and Ben Allanoff of the Topanga Creek Watershed Committee, will be there to share information and different points of view. 

Additionally, our TCC Bylaws state that the August meeting is the time to select the elections committee! TCC Elections are held at the November general meeting. If you’d like to be on the elections committee, any member in good standing is welcome to participate. Please attend tonight’s meeting or email us at so that we can put your name on the list for the committee selection.

See you on Thursday at 7pm!

1440 N. Topanga Canyon Boulevard inside the Community House

Ever Been to a General Meeting?

This Thursday, Feb 13 at 7pm is the General Meeting for the Topanga Community Club.  All new and prospective TCC members are welcome to attend. Click here to read the Agenda for the meeting. This is a great way to learn about what’s new at the TCC and how to get involved. Hope to see you there!

Introducing the TCC Board for 2014


After a relatively uncontested Election Season, the Topanga Community Club members voted in a new Board of Directors with a number of new faces.

Remaining at the helm are:

  • Mark Nygard: Board President
  • Gary Jensen: First VP of Maintenance
  • Gabrielle Lamirand: Treasurer

Moving to a new position on the Board after many years as VP of Fundraising:

  • Jayni Shuman: VP of Membership and Outreach

Our new members are:

  • Nonie Shore: VP of Fundraising
  • Kelly Rockwell: Correspondence Secretary
  • Franka Diehnelt: Recording Secretary

Welcome to the new Board of 2014!! The pressure is on folks! We are expecting great things in the year to come!

Chairman of the Board on the State of the TCC

This post is a reprint of an article by Mark Nygard, Board President, printed in and courtesy of the Topanga Messenger, May 16, 2013

It’s hard to believe it’s already 2013, marking my third year as TCC president. The time has flown by and I want to update the community on what we have been doing at the Topanga Community Club (TCC ).

First and foremost, things are moving smoothly with our Conditional Use Permit, thanks to the expertise of Shelley Coulson, who has donated her time to this effort. We have completed two of several major hurdles in this process.

When I took on the job of president, I realized the infrastructure of the TCC was in bad shape. Following is an accounting of the improvements that have been done and future projects we’d like to complete.

•The well pump has been repaired, along with the aging water tank, thanks to V.P. Gary Jensen, who got the new tank for just pennies on the dollar.

•Also newly replaced is the caretaker’s run-down trailer, long overdue. The new one is a more durable, 12 by 40-foot mobile home. The upper parking lot has been graded and graveled with plans to finish before Topanga Days 2013.

•We are presently painting the interior of the House with the help of Alex Wright and his Do It Wright Painting crew.

•The building has been reguttered.

•Edison replaced the power lines with new ones from the street, plus a new pole and transformer. Finally, no flickering lights during the “Topanga Nutcracker.”

•The Community House parking lot has been repaved with all new underground utilities, and overhead power, phone and internet services moved underground. The project was organized by Bryan Hutchinson of Hutchinson Engineering. I feel very blessed to have Bryan’s expertise and generous donation of equipment and manpower—a true friend of the TCC, saving us tens of thousands of dollars.

•As the community knows, the TCC is a designated safe evacuation zone that uses the building and grounds during a disaster. The North Topanga Canyon Fire Safe Council held a presentation at our February general meeting and offered the Board a grant to cover most of the cost of hazardous vegetation removal. The Board accepted and Coast Tree Service removed all hazardous vegetation on the property.

•There are new programs for kids and seniors, offered by TYS and Canyon Sages. And the monthly senior dinners continue, thanks to the volunteer staff!

•Our amazing group of young parents are energetically organizing and fundraising for the new playground scheduled to be built in August 2013.

Thank you, too, to all the people who have given their time and effort for the TCC. We have a five-year plan, and with the community’s continuing support and amazing network of volunteers who have helped the TCC, we are well on our way.

Finally, thanks to the Board, for their support, creative ideas and enthusiasm.

Mark Nygard, Chairman of the TCC Board, 2013

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