Topanga Canyon Gallery Raises Funds for our Seniors

The Topanga Canyon Gallery will be “re” opening on January 13 after giving their space a bit of a facelift.

The show runs from January 13 – 28 and 20% of all sales during this period will go into the Senior Classroom Addition Building Fund.

Thank you Topanga Canyon Gallery Artists!

Membership Drive Extended through 12/31

Because the gift of membership is a wonderful thing! Now is the time to renew, or purchase a membership for your grown young (18 and over) family members, senior parents or even the family next door with an extended membership year.

See all the details at

November is Membership Drive Month

Since 1949, the Topanga Community Center has served generations of Topangans. The Center does not receive tax income like other community centers, because it is a privately owned non-profit organization.  We depend 100% on the generosity of our members and our fundraising  income to keep our lights on and doors open. We encourage each canyon resident to become a member: Join or renew to be part of this community hub of the canyon! Membership is tax deductible and comes with many benefits.

The Center is the home of the Community House, a gem of Topanga since construction began on it in 1952.  (See the great article about TCC history in the Messenger, November 3, 2017) Built by Topanga residents and maintained in the same spirit, the Community Center provides resources for canyon residents and friends of all ages. This is our promotion theme for our membership drive:

This is the house Topanga built. It’s your house, too.

What does membership get you? You become a part of this legacy of Topanga! You receive discounted tickets to our main fundraising events, from Topanga Days, Reggae on the Mountain, Square Dances, Disco Dances and the Swap Meet. With a children’s organic garden, ball field, playground, walking path and more, the 12 acres of property offers something for everyone.

Being part of TCC qualifies you to vote for changes, programs or for board members. Join us once a month on 2nd Thursday evenings for our General Meetings. Have a voice and a say in what we do.

There’s no better time to join!

Only available during our drive month of November, the TCC is offering limited-time specials for those who will join or renew:

  1. RENEW PLUS 3. Join or renew and get three months added to your renewal date.
  2. RENEW FOR 3. Get three years’ membership at a discounted rate:
    1. $200 Family,
    2. $100 Individual,
    3. $125 Couple,
    4. $100 Senior Couple,
    5. $60 Senior,
    6. $60 Youth.
  3. BUSINESS SPONSOR. As a Business Sponsor there are two ways you can help support us.
    1. Purchase a $100 Business Sponsorship (only for owner).
    2. Offer to purchase memberships for your best customers – show that you’ve created three memberships and receive a complimentary listing on our new website. Excellent for realtors—selling a home to a new Topangan? Offer them a TCC membership!
  4. ONE-TIME LIFETIME FAMILY. A very special offering to join us for a Lifetime Family Membership for $1,000, only available during our Membership Drive. For 2 adults and up to 4 children, until they reach the age of 18

Miss Alice Offers New Class

Miss Alice has been teaching dance to the little ones for some time now. Her new class offering will be for ages 7 – 10! Hip hop and Jazz! Sign up with her at

Bylaw Amendments

Below you will find the wording of two board approved amendments to the TCC Bylaws. As required, we are posting these to inform the community and elicit questions or comments. These amendments will be voted on at the General Meeting in January 2017.

Article 1 section 1. The name of this org shall be the Topanga Community Club doing business as the Topanga Community Center.

Section 2. The membership period is annual, unless stated otherwise, running from the date of the signup with renewal occurring on the same date the following year.

Calling All Volunteers!

Saturday, April 2, 2016- Community Clean Up!
Help your Community House!
Saturday Spring Cleaning
All hands welcome to help
Saturday, April 2, 9am-noon
Coffee and donuts served at the tool shed in upper parking lot
We especially need weed whacking assistance if you are able to help with brush clearance. In any event, please come to help! We have a long list of things to take care of. Kids can also help with trash pickup and hand raking, weeding, clean-up. Volunteer service hours available, contact Gary at (310) 455-2463 if you have questions or for more information.

Square Dance Fever!

The Community House is hosting its quarterly Square Dance on Friday, April 29th from 7:30-10 pm. Our local band, the Rattlesnake Rustlers will be playing, with Susan Michaels calling again.

Once again, we will have desserts and drinks for sale. To help encourage TCC membership, which truly helps to maintain our community house, ticket prices will now be:

$20 for Non-Member Adults, or one can join or re-new at the door and the price will remain the same for TCC Members: $10 for adults,
Kids (6-12) $5


Sign up for the next Forte Fitness series

Next Session starts March 14th!

The cost is $220/4 weeks unless you bring a friend that signs up for the full 4 weeks, and then you pay $180!! You can make payments either via Paypal at and send it as a gift. Or you can make a check payable to Julia Lynch.

Forte Fitnessflyer

It’s an Election Year!

Yes, November we vote for a new President–but we also vote to install our next TCC Board of Directors!

How boring (you might say); however, according to our ByLaws there are some very specific rules laid out for member voting requirements! For your reading pleasure these requirements are listed at the bottom of this post.

At this time, a member has submitted an amendment to the ByLaws. This Amendment will be voted on during the next scheduled General Meeting, held at TCC on February 11, 2016 at 7pm. All members are invited to attend and vote on this proposed amendment.

Proposed Amendment
Members must be signed in prior to 7:15 and stay for duration of meeting in order to be counted for attendance in an election year.

Section 7. Eligibility to Vote.
A. A member must be in good standing for all qualifying events, meetings, and volunteer time with dues current in order to vote in the election at the general meeting.
B. A member must be present at the time of the election in order to cast their vote. Proxy or absentee voting is not allowed.
C. A member must have attended at least two full, official, publicly noticed business meetings of the TCC between January 1 of the year in which the election is held and the October general meeting. Attendance is determined by sign-in and verification of the Board of Directors, OR A member must have logged at least 5 active hours on the TCC grounds (not including Topanga Days) and attended a minimum of one full general meeting or one committee meeting (including Topanga
Days Committee or Standing Committees or Program Meetings) in order to qualify to vote in the TCC election. A member may arrange with the Committee Chair or Recording Secretary an early departure or late arrival ahead of time (prior to the
start time of the meeting in question) in writing or via email for their eligibility to count.

Let’s Start the New Year Right!

What could be better than a rousing sing and dance get together with friends and family at the Community House?

Serving desserts, goodies, wine and beer–we so look forward to seeing you there!

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